Author: David Tarkington

What I Wish I Knew Earlier About Planting Churches & Sending Church Planters

Church planting is considered trendy by some. Church planting is a term that has become used greatly in the past decade or so, but in truth is not new. In fact, it is how the gospel has spread throughout the world, from city to city, community to community, and family to family since the birth of the church in the book of Acts. Church planting is...

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2021 Expand Team Update

Just as every church has reworked schedules, revisited priorities, and shifted to do ministry well following the shutdown precipitated by the pandemic, so too has our Jacksonville Baptist Association and the Expand Team. Our Expand Team continues to focus on the ongoing work of church planting in the Jacksonville area. Yet, more than just simply...

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You Don’t Have Time for Those Meetings

I just had a conversation with a student pastor serving in another part of the state. He is doing a great work serving God and discipling teenagers. He shared with me that recently he came home from time away with his ailing father, which followed time with students at camp and on mission trips. Upon arrival home he was notified that he needed to...

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It Would Be Easier To Just Quit

When I was a boy my parents signed me up to play Little League Baseball. That first season was brutal. I played right field (when I was not on the bench.) Those of you who have played know that often right field is where you park the kid whose uniform never gets dirty. It is the starting block for kids like me who never played before and are still...

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Making Church Planting Easier AND Harder

The Jacksonville Baptist Association has a long history of networking and supporting Baptist churches in Jacksonville and surrounding regions. As our city has changed, so too have our methods for reaching the city with the gospel and for equipping the saints to engage those in our community so that God’s kingdom will continue to expand where we live. The...

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