Author: Mike Reed

Powering Through Turbulent Times

The Power of a Picture Having spent 26 years leading Christian wilderness ministry, some of my favorite metaphors come from the world of adventure and experiential education.  Whitewater rafting provides us with some truths that translate well to ministry and how we can endure turbulent scenes and seasons in our ministries. How many of these rafting...

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I had no idea that when a friend gifted me with a copy of Reggie McNeal’s book The Present Future: Six Tough Questions for the Church that I was taking the first step on an incredible missional journey. This resource helped me to see missional truths that I had failed to see in the previous 40 years of my ministry.  It helped me to see the mission...

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ReCalibrating Community Engagement

A grocery store near my house is my favorite place to weigh myself.  I go there because I weigh less on that store’s scales than on any of the other scale available to me. I know the scales are wrong, but I refuse to change because weighing there makes me feel better and keeps me from facing the truth that I need to lose weight. If they ever calibrate...

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