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Practical Ideas for Pastors During Covid-19 (Video) – Dhati Lewis (NAMB – Send Network) sits down with some of the leading church planting practitioners and thought leaders in the nation — Vance Pitman, Ed Kang, Sean Sears, James Roberson and Martín Vargas — to answer your questions about how to practically shepherd your church and continue...

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A Time to Hide at the Brook: Strengthening Your Prayer Life During the Quarantine

By Mike Reed   A Rock Star Prophet If we were questioned as to who would be considered the most dynamic and admired prophet in the Old Testament, many would choose Elijah without hesitation. His accomplishments are legendary. His story includes a dramatic confrontation of King Ahab to announce a coming drought (1 Kings 17: 1), the miraculous...

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Leading through Changing Landscapes

By Tim Maynard   On December 26, 2004 a 9.1 magnitude underwater earthquake created a tsunami that swept away almost 228,000 lives in Indonesia. Even those not directly affected by the impact of the flood waters have been impacted by the memory of the impact. Events like the Indonesian tsunami change the way we look at the world. Many nations...

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