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Facing Fear without Giving in to Fear

By Manny Keyser   Emotional responses can be a tricky thing to navigate. They can be triggered by real events that affect our lives and the people we love. Sometimes, they responses can be conjured up irrationally.  Humanity is unique in that our natural emotional state can be contrived by things that are unnatural and illogical. We can become...

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Changing Season, Unchanging Mission

By Elijah Simmons   In these challenging times it is easy to lament the things we cannot do: gather together in person, participate in on-campus small groups, or lay hands on a member to pray for them.  We just experienced an Easter Sunday unlike any in the history of the church, a virtual one.  Many of us are expending a great deal of energy...

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Leading through Changing Landscapes

By Tim Maynard   On December 26, 2004 a 9.1 magnitude underwater earthquake created a tsunami that swept away almost 228,000 lives in Indonesia. Even those not directly affected by the impact of the flood waters have been impacted by the memory of the impact. Events like the Indonesian tsunami change the way we look at the world. Many nations...

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