Coaching & Consulting

What Is Coaching?

For us, coaching is an ongoing, intentional conversation that empowers a person or group to fully live out God’s calling. For more information on coaching see this website:

A sports coach provides plays, motivation, and training to players or a team, then leads them in the implementation of those goals. A ministry coach takes a much different approach. Our coaches are trained to actively listen, ask diagnostic questions, and provide encouragement as we lead others through a process of discovery as they seek to overcome specific obstacles in ministry and achieve better leadership results. Ministry coaching seeks to draw answers and actions out of the person being coached without leading the person to previously decided conclusions/solutions.

Why Is Coaching Valuable?

Coaching is inherently valuable because good coaches engage and cooperate with the work of the Holy Spirit to guide and direct the person they are coaching. In that regard, there is great value in allowing the coachee to discern the best course of action due to their greater awareness of their own context.

What Is Consulting?

There are times when coaching is not the right approach to take in a given situation because the person (or organization) in search of help is not equipped to overcome an obstacle due to lack of training, lack of experience, or lack or resources. In those situations, it is beneficial to seek out a consultant, who can provide professional advice and suggest a range of possible solutions related to the specific issues facing a local church. The JBA staff has over 210 years of combined ministry experience. Additionally, several of our staff members are trained church consultants who are adept at serving churches in this capacity.