Engage Team

Gospel Conversations Training

Our gospel conversations training focuses upon a biblical, simple, reproducible, and economical method of turning an everyday conversation into an opportunity to share the good news and mentoring new believers in discipleship. Training events are contextualized to fit the environment in which they are delivered.

Collaborative Church Partnerships

Collaboration and cooperation enable churches to increase kingdom impact through shared vision and resources. We are assisting churches as they launch hubs that are community-based and missionally-focused.

Send Relief Volunteers

Disasters provide the church with unique opportunities to show and share God’s love. We equip Care Teams to work alongside DR volunteers to engage the hurting, pray for family and community needs, and provide good news (the gospel) in areas that have experienced great loss.

Disaster Relief

Our goal is to assist churches as they recruit, train, and deploy Disaster Relief teams as part of their ministry structure. We also cooperate with disaster relief organizations by assisting in organizing the response to disasters.

Mission Bootcamp (Teambuilding)

We combine biblical principles with experiential education initiatives to form a teambuilding process that equips mission teams prior to short term mission journeys.

Search & Rescue: Mapping

Using a similar process used to track and retrieve persons lost in the backcountry, our goal is to train churches to prayerfully evaluate their communities, gain cultural clarity (community mapping), discover lostness, and then engage that lostness with the gospel.

School Partnerships

School partnerships are often the gateway to community engagement. They provide an excellent environment for churches to serve the administration, students, and families as they show and share Christ’s love on the campuses of our city.