JBA COVID Response

A Word From Our Strategist

There are circumstances in life that ask more of us than usual.

COVID-19 is certainly one of those times.

Our thinking is being stretched about what it means to be the church without a church building. Many of us find ourselves with more questions than answers.

  •   How do we fulfill the Great Commission in social isolation?
  •   How do we leverage this unprecedented season for disciple-making?
  •   What does loving our neighbor look like in a Coronavirus environment?
  •   How will this affect our new church plants?
  •   What does this mean for revitalization efforts in our city?
  •   What does my church need to do to prepare to reopen once the social distancing guidelines are lifted?

In the pages below, we have assembled a helpful collection of resources to equip pastors and church leaders as they respond to the unique questions and opportunities COVID-19 is presenting locally.

– Bob Bumgarner

Emergency Response Resources

Local Celebrations

A collection of articles sharing the important lessons our pastors are learning and the significant victories they are celebrating during this season of ministry.

Local Concerns

A collection of articles from JBA pastors and leaders with tips to strengthen your ministry during the pandemic.

Local Practices

Wondering how other churches in northeast Florida are handling the challenges of the pandemic? This list of articles will give you a glimpse into the ministries of some of the strongest churches in our association.

Additional Resources

A helpful collection of resources from nationally known entities to provide a little extra information for pastors during this time of uncertainty.

Sample Forms and Policies

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