Worship Leadership Scholarship

The Walter L. Brown Music Scholarship

Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Brown endowed the Walter L. Brown Memorial Scholarship Trust nearly 20 years ago for the purpose of funding scholarships to assist college students who are studying music / worship arts and desire to serve in a church.  Since the inception of the Trust over $120,000 has been awarded to future worship arts leaders.

The total number and dollar amount of scholarships to be awarded varies yearly and is dependent upon the funds available for distribution and the number of applications received.  

Individual scholarships are available to college students who are:

  • A member of a Jacksonville Baptist Association (JBA) church
  • A candidate for a degree at an accredited College or University
  • Pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in the field of music / worship arts with the intent to serve in a church setting
  • Going to use the scholarship funds solely for school-related expenses

Students who meet the above qualifications will be required to submit the following during the application process:

  • A written personal testimony regarding your relationship with Jesus, your faith experience, and your future ministry objectives (including your call to ministry and intentions for future ministry in a church setting).
  • A personal reference letter from the Senior Pastor or Pastoral Staff member of the JBA church to which you are a member
  • A personal reference letter from a non-relative person who knows you in a secular setting (academic, employment, etc.)

Applications are accepted October 1 – March 31 each year.

The JBA Music Scholarship Team then reviews submitted applications during April and notifies approved student recipients of their award during May of each year.

Questions may be directed to jba@jaxbaptist.org